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"La Felicidad solo es real cuando se comparte" "Happiness is only real when shared"

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Would you like to know more about  IndiaTeAyuda and about me

Brief Introduction of IndiaTeAyuda:

IndiaTeAyuda is a bilingüal blog,  created for everyone interested  in India, its culture, its religions, traditions … and if you like to travel, to know the reasons behind of the things and you are interested in your wellbeing and your personal growth or you just need help planning your trip, whether for tourism, business or work or any doubt you may have, this is your place.

I would like to show you other perspectives of looking at the world where we can all open a little bit our minds and get a smile respecting other ways of living. I hope you get to visit India (since it will never leave you indifferent) and be happy with what you do. If you are here reading me now, I hope you  enjoy!

On the other side, I am myself enjoying  while writing and above all, I feel proud that finally I am writing! I had this dream for many years. Well, actually, this is my childhood dream cause I´ve always wanted to become a writer. In the past 6 years, I was on the edge of the pool wanting to write and create a blog, and I never took the chance till today :) I hope to continue with this energy and I hope to keep sharing. Definitely, I will need your support to do so. Thank you for being there! or like it is spoken in Hindi: Dhanyavaad!

I really appreciate you being there,  so for that reason, I would like to give you something back & for inagurating my own website I start with one of the questions that I asked myself before going to India: Where can I get a map or tourist information about India? If you need a map, write down what places you are going to visit in India, and if you need specific information about the area or a map, I will get back to you via e-mail asap :)

¿Who am I?

This is the question that many of us ask ourselves and I felt the call for finding out the answer.  I started travelling and went alone to many of my trips, although I have to say I was never alone! I started in Europe, America and later in Asia… if it was in my hands, I will never stop travelling. It is my favourite hobby :)

Viajar en Globo como Willie Fox. Photo by Rachel B.
Viajar en Globo como Willie Fox. Photo by Rachel B.

Please, call me Rachel. The meaning of my name, describes many features of my personality. I am a dreamer, who likes to make true her dreams. Colorful art attracts me. Rachel, always worried about pleasing others and being loved. A feeler, beauty, harmony, having values. It is so important having balance and to feel a sense of stability. Quiet and with great sensitivity, outgoing but sometimes seeming to be very serious or that her smile sounds like out of this planet (living on the moon). She also has a practical intelligence, analytical, with a tendency to look at the details. Often perfectionist, it does not support the hypocrisy, lies and mediocrity. In fact, often she questiones the purpose of her life in this world and is attracted to the faith or the paranormal. Doubtfully. In her childhood a kind, responsible and charming girl. She never hesitates to keep learning and to live up to the occasion.

She enjoys the beautiful things, shining objects, and she wants to succeed. She has family spirit and a bohemian side (I would say even hippie, since one of my dreams is to buy a caravan to live and travel all around the world. Will I make it true? For Sure! because everything comes not when I ask for it, but when I have to get;))

She could be into various types of professions, but it would be possible for her to  take the reins of a family business. According to her A- blood type, she belongs to the farming class, has patience and her body tolerates better a vegetarian diet. I totally agree.

I was born in Spain and after studying Speech Therapy and Early Childhood Education, I started to travel to other countries such as Ireland, Canada and India. I have always been interested in helping others  and in learning about other cultures and ways of seeing the world from a different perspective. For four years, I was learning sign language and a different culture: the deaf culture. Meanwhile, I also studied English in Spain, which helped me to form a base, because where I really learned and got better, was during my trips.

I currently live in Madrid with my husband, originally from India, and my dog Chiku (With afection, we say that we are the Chiku, Piku and Riku family). Do you want to know more? Don´t worry, you will discover more on the blog or always, you know, do not hesitate and feel free to ask.

INDIA HELPS YOU. How has India helped you?

Hello! I’m glad you continue reading here. Firstly, I’ll tell you how India has helped me. I will summarize in these three words:

1.Health: including both my mind and my body.

2.Love: including all kinds of love.

3.Money: money can´t buy you happiness, but it definitely helps.

Now I will explain in detail these three points:

1.In Health, especially the mental side, I am very grateful for the existence of Yoga that was originated in India. Yoga comes from the Sanskrit word “Yuj” meaning union between body and spirit. I discovered it in January 2009. A 20th of January , Tuesday, I decided to try the first class … and  I felt so good and I liked it so much that I continued with what is for me a medical therapy. Thanks to Yoga, I improved aspects of myself as self-esteem, family relationship with my parents and brother, and I could even overcome a  breakup with my first boyfriend… Certainly, its effects were more effective and beneficial than the psychological therapy that I was doing at that time. I enjoy small things, especially those that are free as a sunrise and the practice of  “surya namaskar” or sun salutation, which is my favorite in Yoga. It helped me and continues helping me to feel better and  connected with myself, with the sky and the earth, allowing me to fight every day against those thoughts that are negative and are passing through my mind as if they were a virus.

In terms of my body, following a vegetarian diet, has changed me completely. All my life, I had difficulty with bowel movements. In Canada (2009-2010) I met many vegetarians among them a lot of Indian origin people, who had a completely different diet. I’m not saying better or worse, but simply it existed the mentality of being a vegetarian. In Spain, I only met one vegetarian person. An acupuncturist who always suffered when eating out because the concept in Spain of being a vegetarian, has a long way to go …  I´ll tell you why. In one occasion, the acupuncturist ordered a dish of vegetarian food and it was decorated with some ham and the second dish was a salad with tuna…sometimes they might offer you an omelet when ordering a vegetarian menu … Even I had to learn the real meaning of being vegetarian cause I was very ignorant… and I feel ashamed of my ignorance in the past. I was making my “Gokus” in Canada offering a girl a paella with shrimp that I cooked. I told her not to worry that I´ll remove the shrimp … Thank God,  gradually I came to understand the concept and  I myself decided to try to be vegetarian. For 6 months on my first trip to India (2011), I was completely vegetarian. That is, not only without meat or fish, but without eggs too. My experience was that I can live perfectly without meat and fish … but my body asks me to eat eggs, so now I follow an ovo-vegetarian diet because I noticed that my health is better and I can go regularly to the toilet.

Returning to the mind, travelling to India is such a huge culture shock that to me it has helped me in my personal development and for stopping being so shy. I ´ll explain you how. Thousands of eyes were staring at me, I got very nervous and I was dying of embarrassment especially when I landed for the first time to India. Chaos seen from my eyes, forced me to fight for surviving in India and finally I began to look around. With more time, I started to understand that people looked at me out of curiosity and not to intimidate, plus nobody knew who I was, or my personality or anything. So why to worry about it?  Once I was told by a very wise old lady “with shame, neither you eat nor you have lunch” so I decided that from now on, I would use the verb “to be shy” in the past, ” I was shy “rather than ” I’m shy. ” This also helped me to become more outgoing.

India, for me as a shock therapy. It is very hard country to live in, but if you stay, fight internally with its climate, its way of living and their chaotic order, you´ll discover a part of youself that was asleep or thought it was and that’s where my personal development has been positively influenced. I´ll explain from my own experience; values that were previously not in me, have awakened and I think that has helped me for my personal developement. For example, respect for the elders, love for the animals, to appreciate education and being educated, the constant struggle in the day, the spirit of excellence, awareness of spirituality, of God, of sharing , to help and open up to plurality instead of individuality, among many others of which I shall speak later.

In conclusion, from my point of view, India, offers a most comprehensive health  due to many factors such as the inclusion of Ayurvedic medicine in the universities, identifying the individual as a global being. This is, for example, in the course of a disease, everything is connected. If you have a sore throat, doctors will not  look at only your throat, but the also they will explore you fully and will give you the medicines you need, and in appropriate doses. In some hospitals they have a sheet with “asanas” or postures of yoga (as in Spain if you go to the doctor for a sore back, they send a radiography and  series of exercises to strengthen your back muscles) to improve your health or in my case with an Ayurvedic doctor, besides prescribing me some medication and diet, he said it was necessary for me to do Yoga in order to connect with myself and my spirituality. That way,  my health would be improved not only  in short term but also in long-term. Therefore, in India, medicine is holistic. It does not matter if it is traditional medicine such as Ayurveda or other type of medicine. This is from my point of view, what makes India a remarkable country in health terms.

2.In the Love

 I must say, I fell in love with India, before going. I felt its call long  way before I even met my husband in Canada. Life takes many turns and I like life when it surprises me so I let come into my life whatever comes. I try to be positive and mantein an open attitude towards different paths offered by the simple fact of living. I would not be the same person without my Spanish family and my Indian family. I really appreciate everything they have given me and their unconditionally support. There are different types of love and in India you can actually breath Love!. The smiles of  the children and people with a smile in their looks… How many smiles can get from just their looks?  Love is there, and they give you more than they have. You are a guest to take care of and they will give you all the attention because the guests are the equivalent of God, who is visiting them at home. That´s the reason behind they giving all the best and the best welcomings. “you´ll be welcomed with pure love” and from my experience, their welcomings are the warmest that I have experienced.

My Indian family and me

Family comes first. No matter where in the world you are, you should know where you are putting your priorities and family is one of them; it is even more important in India. Everything goes around the nuclear family. I am a Spanish, that after being almost a year in Canada, as I have written before, I had very clear  my next destination: India. I did a volunteer work there and I met the family of the Indian boy I fell in love with. After meeting them,  I decided to start with the paperwork to get married… so the typical nerves of a bride started to appeared, but even more because I didn´t know anything of the laws in India, its traditions, culture … so imagine I was full of an endless sea of doubts … (do you remember? I’m doubtful nature) However, I decided to leap into the Hindu fire altar, then did the civil marriage in the same day and returned to Spain to say yes I do, a thrird time just after three months . Even before being married, I was considered one more daughter in my Indian family, but officially It was clearly seen by the society  after I got married :) Later, I will write more specifically about how are families in India and gradually I hope that you also you fall in love.

3.In the Money

Well, I am from the bunch of people who believe that money comes and goes …

India can help you financially and many people will agree with me that it is a fact that India is emerging and businesses in India are thriving. This year it is the 60th anniversary of diplomatic relations between Spain-India and there are programs for companies such as “Make in India” or for individuals doing business in India who collaborate with the economic development. The fact that the material cost is lower and the quality is good, makes India a great country for business deals with multinationals, private and public sectors.

Once again I want to tell a couple of curiosities that come under this section. In India, I left my backpack, with money, my passport and other various objects in a bus … You might be wondering how could you forget it in the compartment luggage? Hahaha now I laugh at my big cluelessness and at the same time I am very sad for having created that  situation, even if it happened accidentally… because I caused a lot of trouble to  the Indian people who helped me.I was so tired and just thinking of going to sleep … but the moment I realized I didnt have my bag with me, I panicked! and  it was already too late. The bus was gone and I had not kept my receipt of the bus ticket with me … As soon as I informed to  a person of the NGO, they went out to help me and they put me a driver to find out what bus I just happened to be in. The bus final stop was not  in Anantapur. On the contrary the route continued way too far. In the middle of the night, thanks to the efforts of specially that driver  who told me: we’ll look for it, don´t worry…However, the bus already was in a route of about 100-200km far from where we were … “Seeing is believing” after almost 2 hours of journey, we arrived at a village station and it was unbelievible! do you know what ? They were keeping my backpack,  like a treasure … I was impressed by the kindness and sacrifice of the Indians. I feel really bad because the driver couldn´t sleep almost in the entire night to rescue my backpack and the next day he had to work really early in the morning … Miracle? Luck? Noone stole my backpack and I repeat,  it had  my passport, money, etc My dear  friends,  this is India, everything is possible and they will help you out.

On my last trip, I did not realized and I dropped my camera on a Rickshaw. When I already gave up because they had passed three days from the date I lost it, suddenly, a man knocked on my door. They had researched where I lived! They were guided by some pictures I had in my camera in the city of Ahmedabad. They were asking in various places if they knew where I lived until they came to whom is the owner of horses in the city: my cousin. The community is incredible, once again I saw an example of plurality rather than individuality and honesty and sacrifice!!! I Promise I will post some pictures I took with the camera and with the family of the driver. They had fun making some photos with my camera, jajajaa, I thought it was great! Once again, India left me speechless and eternally grateful for having recovered my camera with all my pictures.

In short, in different spheres of life, India helps you. How India has helped you? Through yoga, food, Ayurvedic medicine, natural and less processed products, you can control your stress, feel better, overcome shyness, open your mind and even your external beauty be improved. Whether you need to lose weight or gain it (Yes , more cases of wanting to lose weight are heard, but there are people who can not gain weight and they need to do it  but can not …) India has solutions for everything and can contribute very positively as I said at the beginning. All aspects of your personal life, your work life, your business … Have you thought about going to India to help? Have you gone already? Please share your experiences or your concerns. My first wish to want to go to India, was for going to help, but being there, I realized that in the end, you’re the one helped and you receive more than you give.

“We can all contribute with something and improve the world that surrounds us, so I encourage you to follow your instincts and your heart”










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