Do I need a Visa to go to India?

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I want to go to India. Do I need a visa? First and foremost, you do!

YES, you do. You need a visa and it must be done before leaving Spain and even better,  before purchasing your flight, and arranging all of your bookings. It is better that you plan ahead of time to get your visa. What are your options when applying from Spain?

There are two ways to process your visa. What follows below are the details and a comparison.

Brief comparative of the two options to make the visa to India:

Remember to review the official pages of both ways of making the visa, because the information can be updated at any time by the Government of India.

Also, be careful with pages that promise to have them on a visa in a few hours or in 24 hours. Logically, no private company physically or on the Internet, may modify the current laws of the Government of India, which require approximately 3-4 days to process your visa.

REGULAR VISA if you want to take any type of visa pasted on one of the sheets of your passport with VFS GLOBAL from April 7 included.

To make the Regular visa that covers ALL EXISTING VISAS, ie business, work, studies, entry, tourism, etc. Fill in the general form here to make the form.

E-VISA (e-TV) if you want to do the Tourist, Business or Medical visa online and receive your visa in your e-mail, comfortably from your home, accessing to fill the form from this web:

(Read the instructions and required documents, before beginning to do this)

To fill it out go to the blue box on your right. Here you can find the E-Tourist, E-Business or E-Medical Forms.

It is only possible to process it twice a year.

It does NOT cover all existing visas. It is for E-tourism (for a tourist visit, meeting with friends or family or short visit to carry out a Yoga program) and E-Business (to start a new business, sales, purchases, trade, attend visits or technical meetings or Business, recruiting managers, participating in exhibitions, business or fairs, specialist in a project under way, conducting tours, give a conference of the global initiative “Global Initiative for academic networks (Gian) and E-Medical ).

The duration of the tourist visa can be up to a maximum of 6 months multiple entry (although in India you can not be more than 90 days in a row). Be careful with this, not to pay higher fees  for a longer visa duration. Usually, VFS will NOT give you back the money. La duración del visado es de 2 meses doble entrada

The duration of the visa is 2 months double entry



Cost of tourist visa for passport Spanish: 125.97 € (check the prices in VFS, before requesting it since this price is updated as of June 2017).

Cost of the E-Tourist visa: 48 $ (or 49.20 $ according to the bank’s commission for payment with the bank card)

All airports support this visa. Not all airports are eligible for the E-visa.
The contact language is Spanish, English or Hindi.


Not in Spanish. The contact language is English or Hindi.
At the time of submitting the application, you have to find yourself physically in Spain. You can do the visa from anywhere, even when you are outside of Spain.


Processing the visa with VFS GLOBAL from April 7, 2017 since Arke Bls Center has definitively closed by cessation of labor activity, being its last day the 6 of April of 2017 or to carry out the process online with the E- VISA Government of India in India, which currently offers more advantages being 60 days double entry and can be realized with this E-VISA, E-TOURIST, E-BUSINESS and E-MEDICAL.

Therefore, you choose which option to choose. Here are more features of both visa options from Spain:

Regular visa with VFS GLOBAL: is the only company since April 7, 2017 that is authorized by the Embassy of India to process all types of visa from Spain, as neither the Embassy nor the Consulate of India perform this (Except for diplomatic passports, with verbal notes from the Ministry or others that are within your jurisdiction), also in these cases, it is necessary to fill in the form that is called online, from the official website of the Government of India.

How to contact them? By telephone, on the numbers 34 917693741 (English & Hindi) +34 911985138 (Spanish). Going in person to the offices in Madrid (C / Cardenal Marcelo Spinola No. 2, Bajo 28016), Barcelona (Carrer de Sandenya 229, Office 1 08013) and Las Palmas (Calle León y Castillo 177, 4th floor 35004). They do business visas, paid work, NGO work, studies, conference, tourism, etc. Any questions, also write them to the e-mail: Mail icon

Your visa will be sticked in one of the pages of your passport.

Here you can see a video, to process your visa from Spain. For all visas you have to access this form in the same way, so if you are not a tourist, in the form once you arrive at the type of visa, select yours in the drop down list (Business, Conference, etc.) and that’s it, that’s it! This video is useful if you are going to process it with VFS, although you will have to look at its page to see the rest of the necessary taxes and documentation, that they are updating in its web.


E-VISA: from August 16, 2015, this option is valid to make this visa online. The technical support of information is in India, so to contact you must dial the country code. El soporte técnico de información está en India, por ello para contactar hay que marcar el código del país (+91) PHONE: (+ 91) 11 24300666 Email:

At the end of the process (after having paid and in a few days, approximately in 72 hours), they will send you a confirmation with the Indian shield above, your photo on the right and a bar code below. Please read what you have been received carefully.

Do you have doubts about the visa? Do you need help to fill out the application form? Would you like to verify that what you have received in your e-mail is your visa E-VISA?  Regardless of the type of visa you need or if you want advice or opinions about which option fits you the best, please ask us. IndiaHelpsYou, is here to help you in the difficulties that you might find in your way to India. On the other hand,  Do you want to share your experiences with the visa or in immigration upon your arrival in India? You are more than welcome! Do not hesitate and leave a comment :)

2 thoughts on “Do I need a Visa to go to India?”

  1. Buenos días:
    Necesitaría saber la documentación que necesita una persona para presentar el visado de trabajo a India y cómo pedir cita. ¿Me podría indicar alguien donde encontrar esta información?

    1. Hola Elisabeth,

      Si es para trabajo (es decir, con contrato a India y recibiendo salario desde India), mira la documentación necesaria en VFS GLOBAL ahí te viene un documento en pdf de “checklist” donde puedes comprobar todos los documentos necesarios. No es necesario pedir cita para ir a VFS, tendrás que ir en el horario de por la mañana o puedes llamarles al teléfono: 911985138 ¡Suerte!

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